Girl petting and talking to her dog

7 Healthy Treats You and Your Dog Will Both Enjoy!

Jane McDonald | April 23, 2018

Do you know that feeling when your dog is being a particularly good boy (or girl) and you’re out of treats? You know the one:

Tail wagging with victorious excitement, expectant eyes pleading, sitting patiently - he’s perfect!  And you have nothing to reward this good behavior, or trick, or whatever amazing thing he has done.  You are treat-less. And he is in turn, he’s disappointed.  (And we all know from childhood and subsequent parenting, there is nothing worse than disappointed.)  Insert palm-to-face here.

Especially if you are practicing reward training, not having a treat on hand can be confusing for your dog as well as guilt-inducing for you.  The good news is, you are never really out of treats when you know the healthy human foods that you can share with your dog!


Remove the seeds and core before sharing this perennial fruit with your dog, giving them a good dose of dietary fiber along with a tasty challenge.  Slices make a perfect shareable snack when you’re on-the-go together.


A sprinkle of this herb on top of their kibble provides them with lots of vitamin K, plus calcium and iron.  Not to mention, this garden staple is a natural breath freshener! (Way more than a garnish, people!)


This colorful root vegetable is high in fiber and vitamin A, and makes a rewarding snack for your pupper to chomp on.  Low in calories, this treat is great for dogs looking to slim down


A perfect pairing with the above according to Elvis, bananas are a good source of potassium and magnesium, which help to prevent muscle cramps, making them a perfect snack for high activity days!

Peanut Butter

Loaded with protein and good fats, peanut butter provides a long-lasting and delicious treat for pups.  (Go with the unsalted variety.) Bonus - it helps your pup’s breath smell good, too!


You aren’t the only one who benefits from the power of omega-3s that salmon and other fish contain!  This fatty acid is shown to support cardiovascular health, as well as improve your dog’s skin and coat.


Complete with vitamin A, C and lots of fiber, pumpkin is excellent for dogs with sensitive stomachs or just the occasional case of diarrhea. Fresh, canned or cooked it’s all good - just make sure there is no added sugar.

These treats are wonderful to share with your dog in moderation, but like all diet choices please consult with your vet about allergies and other restrictions specific to your pup.  The bottom line is you’re never really out of treats and you can make healthy food choices that both you and your best fur-friend can enjoy together!