Small dog with a wheelchair

8 Awesome Dogs on Wheels Rolling Through Instagram

Sarah Julian | September 21, 2018

What makes these pups different is exactly what makes them amazing, wonderful and perfect. With their rockin' wheels and big personalities, they're rolling through Instagram on a mission to show the world that they can be just as joyful and fun-loving as their four-legged friends. Big or small, these pups love adventure, playdates and lots of cuddles. Get ready to be inspired!



Born with only two legs, this little powerhouse rocks and rolls on his 3-D printed wheels. No one rocks a sweater vest or jean jacket quite like this little guy and we couldn't be more in love.

Small dog on wheels


Super Scooty

Scooty earned the title Happiest Dog on the Planet, and it's easy to see why by checking out his feed. He is all smiles all the time. Having been hit by a car in Mexico, he's fully enjoying his new life and scooting his way through endless adventures. Roll on, Scooty!

Small dog on wheels


Albert on Wheels

Little Albert is an all-terrain pro, having already conquered many adventures with his adoptive family. His could have been a tragic tale, but instead his energy and passion for life have endeared him to the many people who have helped him on his path to his forever home. He's a true inspiration and we promise you'll fall in love!

Small dog on wheels


Chewy on Wheels

After contracting IVDD at the age of three, Chewy had to adjust to life on wheels. But not to worry, he has overcome every obstacle to be a master cruiser. Backyard adventures, long walks and chillin with the fam are on his daily schedule and if you want to see a master splooter, head over to his feed.

Small dog on wheels


Great Dane on Wheels

This inspirational pup is larger than life. As a disabled dog ambassador, he stands tall in what makes him different. You can tell he's a mama's boy and quite the family man. We love this big lug and you will too.

Large dog on wheels


Bleu the French Pig

This little "french nugget" wheelies his way through life, filling his Instagram feed with love and laughter. Quite the handsome Frenchie, he's a lover of people and a connoisseur of belly rubs. 

Small dog on wheels


Lucy Roo on Two

Four pounds of fluff, this two-legged princess spends her days being she should! From boat rides to play dates, to epic nap sessions with the fam, this sweet girl will steal your heart.

Small dog on wheels



Underbite Unite

Daisy rolls her way through life, with her underbite leading the way. Her smile is infectious, as is her energy and style. You'll often see her sporting a new design on her wheels, keeping life bright and beautiful.

Small dog on wheels