Black cat walking in leaves

Black Cats. And All That It EnTAILS.

Jeanne Blandford | October 30, 2019

Black Cats. A source of bad luck or prosperity?

When you see a black cat down the street, do you run away afraid it will bring you bad health or financial ruin?                                                          Do you run towards it because you believe a black cat will bring you prosperity and good health?                                                                            Or, do you stand silent and marvel at the beautiful creature that it is?


Superstitions. Legends. Myths.

Historically, so much of what we believe comes from our individual origins. Whether we hail from Germany whose legends suggest that if a black cat crosses your path from right to left you run away. Or Japan where it is said that a black cat brings prosperity and you run towards it. We often acquire these superstitions at an early age and hold on to them throughout our lifetime.

At one time or another everyone believes in something unexplainable. Something we know to be illogical yet it consumes and directs our decisions. Do preconceived generalizations of black cats affect their adoptability?


Black Cats.

Shiny, soft dark fur that accents their mesmerizing yellow eyes.

Silent.  Sleek. Cats that can sneak up on someone and surprise (and scare). Some of us embrace their stealth-like qualities while others consider it deceptive… dare we say witchlike?


Incentive to embrace and adopt?

Or, the reason so many of these beautiful felines find themselves in shelters?

Because of stigmas that have arisen over the centuries, black cats tend to have a harder time getting adopted. Shelters and rescue organizations report that the time a black cat stays in a shelter or foster home can be two thirds longer than the average cat.

A particularly hard time for black cats to find a home is mid fall – around Halloween as (inconceivable as it may sound) there have been instances that people have adopted these beautiful specimens as more of an accessory for their Halloween costume or prop for their party. After the season, shelters often see a surge in returns of black cats or, even worse, people simply discarding them in the streets. For that reason, some shelters in the US will not adopt out black cats in October, which can lead to a larger than normal inventory of black cats and a longer wait time for them in the shelter – making it even more harder to adopt them out.

Remember, the longer a pet is confined to a crate in a shelter, devoid of human contact, the harder it is for them to be adopted. They can become more fearful, less trusting.

At the end of the day these cats are like every other cat. They are living, breathing creatures that need nourishment, shelter and love. 

cat with feather


So… when thinking about cat adoptions, please consider one of these…

Super Cute

Legendarily Beautiful

Mythically Entertaining 



Black Cats.                                                                                                      


And don’t forget to spay or neuter!