woman and man hugging dog

Bringing in a New Year with a Senior Cat or Dog

Jeanne Blandford | January 06, 2022

As we enter into a new year we often look for a new relationship – a new beginning with someone or something new. What if we started the new year with something old? Perhaps a senior dog or cat?

Older pets can find themselves in a shelter for many reasons. Some may lose their home because their original pet parent passed away. Others have had their home taken away because of economic reasons. Some have experienced separation from their family due to a climate-related disaster.

Most senior pets are not placed in shelters because of behavioral issues. 

Whatever tragic event brought them to a pet shelter should not inhibit them from finding a new home and family.

woman giving scritches to a cat

Adopting a senior pet can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Here are some reasons older dogs and cats can be so much easier to assimilate in your home than a puppy or kitten:

  • Personalities have already been formed and temperament should be easy to assess. When you meet an older pet you can pretty much see what you are getting.
  • Potty training should be a fait accompli. If you have ever had a kitten or puppy you know how difficult it can be to train them.  A senior pet can save you many cleanups!
  • Your shoes go on your feet and are not used as a chew toy!
  • Bedtime is really time for bed and not time to whine for attention.
  • Being of a certain age, they should be calmer - making it easier to walk and a better all-around companion with which to simply hang out.

Once they are home and see that they are safe, senior pets are so appreciative and are happy to just lay by your side… for the rest of their life.