Fireworks and Your Furry Friend

Jeanne Blandford | July 01, 2021

When you think about the 4th of July, what comes to mind?

Family and friend gatherings: barbeques, parties, games…

 and fireworks!

Accompanying the glorious bouquet of colors in the sky are the loud booms and bangs that travel throughout the air… right to the ears of not only human spectators but animals as well.

Anyone who has a pet can attest that loud noises are frightening and can be disorienting. Our canine companion’s sense of hearing is about four times as sensitive as ours. For this reason, they are super responsive to loud sounds.

fightened cat

Not only can booming noises frighten pets but, they can make them disoriented and perhaps combative as a protective mechanism. Crowds with unfamiliar people can already put a dog on guard so taking them to public fireworks display is not advised.

Watch your pet’s ears as they can serve as an indicator for what they are feeling. Ears up can signify they are alert or happy. Ears down, they are scared or nervous. Watch for this communication from your dog. He/she is letting you know that they are uncomfortable and fearful.

Tips to keep your pet calm and safe during celebratory fireworks:

  • Make sure your cat or dog is inside the house.
  • Create a special space with blankets and toys where they can feel safe.
  • Put on the tv, radio or create a favorite playlist to keep music flowing.
  • If you are home with your pet as fireworks occur in your neighborhood hug your fur-baby! After all, it is a time to be with family and a hug sends them a message that they are safe and loved.


calming dog