Get fit with your dog by being healthy

Getting Fit With Your Best (Furry) Friend

Maggie Marton | May 21, 2018

From the fitness fanatics to weekend warriors, any exercise regime becomes way more fun when your dog is involved. Plus, dogs thrive when given the chance to exercise their bodies (and minds) just like we do! 

Whether you’re a seasoned workout pro or a committed couch potato, developing fitness habits with your pup helps you both live longer, happier lives. The best part? A focus on fitness with your dog guarantees that you’ll build your bond, have a ton of fun, and stay motivated! So, tighten that Fitbit and let’s dig into how you can be your dog’s best fit friend:

Leash Up and Lace Up

Hit the pavement--or beach or trail or park. Walking is the simplest exercise you and your pup can do together, and it brings you both gobs of health benefits. The best part about walking with a dog? Studies show that dogs keep their owners more motivated to walk and encourages them to walk longer! Who can resist those puppy-dog eyes looking pointedly between you and their leash? 

The Exercise Effect

Playing together brings you and your pup closer as a team. But, it’s more than that: According to the American Heart Association, exercising with your pet means great benefits to your overall health. How? Exercising with your dog--whether you’re walking, jogging, or playing fetch--helps reduce your risk of obesity, keeps you engaged in your exercise or weight-loss journey, and it increases your happiness because your dog provides some serious friendship. What does all that mean? Your risk of a heart attack goes way down! So, you and your dog have a longer, happier life… all because you’re having fun together! 

Feed the Soul

No fitness discussion can be complete without talking about diet. We’re not talking about fads or restrictions. Instead, it’s all about common sense. If you and your pup both eat meals with wholesome, simple ingredients, cut out the junk, and stay hydrated, you’ll both feel better and lighter. The walking and exercising mentioned above becomes easier with less risk of injury to you both if neither of you are carrying any extra weight. Even more compelling, if you’re both at a healthy weight, you can play together longer and recover faster than if you’re overweight. There’s a saying that goes something like, If your dog is overweight, you probably are, too. The good news is that dogs are proven to be great motivators to any weight-loss journey. Let your pup inspire you to stay focused on fitness, while you stay centered on feeding your dog nutritious, wholesome meals, as well. 

Have Fun

The very best way to be your dog’s fit friend? Have fun together! Shift your mindset from number of steps walked or number of calories consumed, and focus on enjoying life with your very best friend. How can you two get out more? What new activities can you try? (Agility is super fun, btw!) Because regardless of whether you’re leashing up your pup to run a half marathon or you’re both dashing after the local taco truck before it drives off, you’re still running!