The Secret World of Cats

Lindsay Katz | May 27, 2022

If you’re a cat parent, you get it. Cats and dogs are both wonderful animals, though in very different ways. Dogs present themselves to you in full– there are no illusions, no walls put up. They are honest to a fault. Cats, however, ask for something more.

As the expression goes: dogs have owners, cats have servants.

We are lucky to be their servants too, of course. There is so much to appreciate about cats. First, it begins in their subtlety.

  1. Cats ask for your patience.

Unlike dogs, who show love and adoration off-the-bat?, cats require you to learn the art of  patience: they are akin to humans in this way. The best way to learn about your feline friend is to sit with them. For hours. If your cat sits with you, even on the other side of the room, you know they love you and appreciate your company.

This is where the magic of the cat-human bond begins. So much can happen in the span of hours, minutes, seconds. Your cat reveals their personality through subtle actions. Do they sleep and lug around? Do they get excited by pieces of trash on the floor? Do they meow for your attention? The small actions build up over time, and as they become more comfortable with your presence, they will start to open up more. Cats open up slowly, just like humans. Their beauty is in their introversion.

  1. Cats ask you to introspect.

Every cat parent knows this truth: cats make you think. Cats have historically been held in high esteem, and for good reason; it is no wonder they have been adored by ancient civilizations for centuries. From their sleek movements, to their pensive, knowing gaze: cats make us think about ourselves and reflect on our own life philosophies. The expression “cool cat” exists for good reason. Cats are cool. They remain perpetually unbothered, relaxed, and composed. Cats are the opposite of people-pleasers. Cats teach you how to love yourself, how to be there for yourself, and how to act with dignity and composure at all times.

  1. Cats teach selflessness.

Cat ownership does not equate to instant gratification. Quite the opposite, actually. You may feed them when they ask, and change their litter box daily, but these tasks do not amount to a passionate expression of love to say thanks. You have to earn your cat’s love over time. The daily upkeep is just part of your servitude. Cats ask you for unconditional love, and over time, as you’ve revealed your own calmness and composure to them, they open up to you, and tune into your emotions in a very intimate and rewarding way. A cat’s love feels particularly meaningful in this way.

Pet appreciation week provides a great time for us to reflect on what it is that makes our pets so great. Cat or dog, their companionship is invaluable.