Woman feeding dog vegetables

Trend-Free Healthy Food Choices for Your Dog

Maggie Marton | June 18, 2018

Keto. Paleo. Raw. Whole30. Alkaline… A new batch of trendy diets pops up every year for us health-conscious humans. Some stick but most disappearike, who remembers The Richard Simmons diet? Or South Beach? 

And because we want the best nutrition for our dogs as well, some of the trend diets for people often trickle into the pet space. It makes sense to think that what’s good for you is also good for your dog. Unfortunately, when it comes to feeding our dogs and cats, the latest trend might not be the best option.

Luckily, healthy eating for pets doesn’t need any trends or fads. Healthy food for pets doesn’t rely on the newest ingredients or trendiest prep methods. In fact, the opposite is true! A solid foundation of simple, wholesome ingredients combined to deliver balanced nutrition is all they need to thrive. 

That’s why we believe trend-free healthy eating should be the one and only trend you follow for feeding your pets! Here’s why:

  • Simple 

High-quality ingredients you know. Fresh veggies. Natural protein sources. Simple, accessible ingredients make up a wholesome diet--no trendy “super” ingredients required.  

  • Delicious 

Let’s be honest: Trend diets aren’t always the tastiest. And who wants to eat bland food day in and day out? Trend-free healthy eating is fresh and flavorful--which is exactly what your pet deserves! Even though kibble and canned food looks and maybe even smells the same to us, your pet can tell the difference and has taste preferences. Thankfully, honest nutrition tastes good!  

  • Filling

Some trendy human diets leave the followers feeling hungry. Not worth it or advisable for your pet! (Unless, of course, you’re following a veterinarian-mandated diet regimen for an overweight pet.) Focus on your pet’s age and stage, then find a calorically-appropriate food that keeps their bellies full!

  • Wholesome

Pet food needs to be complete and balanced. “Wholesome” means more than just complete and balanced, though. It’s all about the holistic picture, bringing the pieces above together: high-quality, tasty ingredients that keep your pet well in body and mind. 

When you scoop that kibble or pop open that can, you want to know you’re giving your pets healthy, wholesome nutrition so that they live long, happy lives. Luckily, it doesn’t take staying on top of trends or fads (what is the Dukan diet, anyway?) to feed your pet the very best.