photo of dog with man and woman

You Are Nailing this Pet Parenting Thing!

Jane McDonald | March 22, 2018

It’s high time someone told you… you are an AWESOME pet parent!

Whether you welcomed a new pet into your home recently or are lucky to be a veteran pet owner, you keep that sweet little fur baby safe, healthy and loved! And we think that is something that deserves celebration! 🎉

Here is a rundown of the countless ways pet parents rock!

Infographic on pet parent statistics

You are one of the millions of wonderful pet owners in the world, and while that is a big number, we know there is no parent quite like you! Please accept a high five for being a totally awesome pet parent! If you’re looking to up your game, giving your dog or cat wholesome food and treats free of preservatives and synthetics is a no-brainer!

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